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Pet Insurance - Our policies on processing insurance claims (beginning March 2023)

We aim to help as much as we can when processing insurance claims. The reality we currently face is that processing, chasing and troubleshooting insurance claims is taking up a significant amount of time and manpower and insurance companies seem to be taking longer to process claims.

As a result of this we are having to implement new policies beginning in March 2023.

Direct claims:

A direct claim is one where we as a veterinary clinic claim the cost of expenses directly from the insurance company. In essence helping out our clients who may not have the cash flow available to cover the cost of the care there and then but have an insurance policy that will. What we have realised over the last couple of years is that in general insurance companies pay their clients (you) faster than vets. Direct claims also take up significantly more time than non direct claims and that as a small independent clinic, delays in receiving funds (and losing out on funds when clients disappear after an insurance company excludes their claim) affect us greatly.

As such we are implementing the following policies for direct claims:

  • A direct claim will only be possible if the total bill exceeds £500.

    • Anything under this amount we kindly ask that you pay us in the first instance and then claim the money back from your insurance company.

  • A charge of £19.50 will apply to any direct claim that we process.

  • A direct claim needs to be agreed in advance by the veterinary surgeon in charge of the case.

  • A direct claim must be set up and ready to go before your pet receives treatment.

  • If you insurer refuses to pay part of claim, this is for you to take up with them, rather than with us. We will always look to help you if we feel an insurer has unjustly excluded part or all of your claim, but in the end it is their decision and we are only a third party in the relationship between yourself and your insurer.

Indirect claims

With an indirect claim you would pay us in the first instance and we will then help you process your claim, assisting you with invoices and providing a full clinical history for your claim.

  • It is important that you understand how to initiate a claim with your insurer. Please initiate any claims yourself and then let us know what you might need from us to process the claim.

  • We do not charge for assisting with indirect insurance claims.

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