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Why Choose Us?

There are a lot of vets about so why choose us? We are independent allowing us to put pets before shareholders. We are nice people that care about our patients and their owners. We offer a range of services from vaccinations and worming to non routine consultations and blood tests to advanced medicine workups and surgical techniques. We offer "keyhole" techniques for routine procedures such as neutering but also to help in the diagnosis of medical cases by performing biopsies through tiny incisions. We have invested in a fantastic ultrasound machine, endoscopy equipment, xray unit, surgical gear and even a telemedicine suite that allows us to bring board certified specialists from around the country into our consulting rooms at the touch of a button. Most importantly though, we know how and when to use all this technology. With experience comes an ability to only run the tests that need to be run, in a logical thought out way, rather than "throwing the book" at every case - which can see costs escalate unnecessarily.  We have both continued to study throughout our careers. Amy has gained her certificate in advanced veterinary practice (CertAVP) having focused predominantly on medicine and Andy is in the process of obtaining advanced practitioner status in surgery (PgC SAS). This further study, combined with out relationship with Virtual Veterinary Specialists (VVS Link), allowing us to video link our xrays, ultrasound and endoscopy to specialists in real time, means that, when needed, we can work cases up to an extremely high standard making it less likely you will need to be referred to a specialist centre.

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Why Independent is Important

Corporatisation of the veterinary world has lead to a number of changes to both the pet owning public and vets themselves. These changes are certainly not all negative, for instance we see that large (corporate owned) hospitals providing specialist emergency care outside of normal hours as a great thing for our patients (who can have access to fantastic veterinary care 24/7)  and also in providing the vet community with a more consistent work/life balance. More recently one of the larger corporations even made fantastic changes by significantly increasing the amount of maternity pay offered to it's staff, a change that we look forward to having a trickle down effect through the veterinary world.... we certainly could have used that sort of support when we were having our children!

All that being said, we all know that choice is important! If we look at our city of Bristol, the VAST majority of vets are corporate owned and run with a "hub and spoke" structure (small clinics feed into large hospitals). We did begin to see that pet owners are increasingly being faced with one of two options, small satellite clinics with minimal facilities and inconsistent staffing, needing to travel to an unfamiliar place for anything other than the routine. Or a large hospital, with all the technology that new age veterinary has to offer but seeming to lack heart, soul and the ability to connect with patients or their owners on an individual level. We have set up the Grove Vets looking to bridge this gap and offer the best of both worlds - state of the art veterinary care out of a small, vet owned family practice where we have the freedom and autonomy to look after our patients and their owners to the absolute highest of standards. 

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Preventative Healthcare

Vaccinations, Parasite control, Health checks


Xray, Ultrasound, Endoscopy


Routine, Advanced, Keyhole procedures

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