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For Out Of Hours Emergencies Call



32 - 34 Zetland Road, Redland, Bristol, BS6 7AB

We will be partnering with VetsNow. We both work with them as locum emergency vets, we know their team well and believe they provide the best out of hours services in Bristol. It is important to understand the role of the Emergency Vet. In the middle of the night their role is to stabilise and care for multiple patients - that includes both hospital inpatients as well as emergency calls they get through the night - anything from a bee sting to a ruptured spleen, diarrhoea to a broken pelvis. Once a patient is stabilised they are then transferred back to us to be cared for further during normal working hours. Just like at A&E - the sickest patients come first. Emergency care can be expensive - as can any service outside of normal working hours (such as getting a plumber out in the middle of the night!) so make sure you are aware of the costs ahead of time.

Emergencies and Overnight Care: About

Overnight Care and Patient Transfer

On occasion it may be deemed that a day patient will need close monitoring overnight. This may be after a surgical procedure or an unstable medical case. In these instances the patient will stay with us until it is stable enough to be transfered to VetsNow for overnight care. In most circumstances our patients will be transferred back to us the following morning for further care and workup. We aim to personally transfer patients to and from the local Vets Now hospital but occasionally, depending on circumstances and only if a patient is stable enough we may need to work with a patients owner and request some help with the transfer.

Emergencies and Overnight Care: About
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