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Who We Are

We started out as a husband and wife team - many a year ago we were pleasantly surprised to find that we actually work really well together and have worked together for the last 9 years.  Also, (very helpfully to our patients) we have complimentary skill sets. One a surgeon (who also enjoys medicine) the other a medic (who is also a dab hand at surgery). Between us we have most bases covered.

As time moved on however The Grove Vets has become far more than the two of us. We are a close knit family, all with our own little quirks and mini superpowers. Every one of us truly understanding what a responsibility it is to be trusted with looking after someones pet.

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Our Vets

Meet The Team: Text

Andy Valenzia BVSc GPCertSAS MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon

I qualified from the University of Bristol Vet School in 2008 and have never looked back. I pride myself on having a logical approach to veterinary medicine (and problem solving in general) and in being able to take my patient's owners through the process with me, making sure we are all on the same page every step of the way. I love surgery and have been performing keyhole and other advanced procedures for many a year now. I completed a post graduate European surgical certificate in 2022. Outside of work I am a family man and am besotted with my wife, 2 daughters, dog and cat. After work and family commitments I commit whatever spare time I have left to martial arts training. I am a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu / Submission Grappling under Pedro Bessa, actively competing and often waking at 5am to train before work. So please excuse the occasional cauliflower ear!

Amy Valenzia BVSc CertAVP MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon

I also qualified from Bristol Vet School in 2008. I'm geeky at heart and love medicine and ultrasonography, the way the body works is so clever! I have achieved my Cert AVP focussing on internal medicine; having taken a bit of a break from studying to grow our family, I am now really interested to perfect my ultrasonography more and am currently undertaking a 2 year diagnostic imaging post graduate course. I love seeing the relationship between owners and their pets and feel privileged to be able to help that be a healthy and happy one. Outside of work I'm devoted to our two daughters Elia and Lori, you can often find us squelching in mud or splashing in puddles with our dog Hattie, not forgetting Frank the cat who often follows us on the school run! I also like to squeeze in a bit of running and Ashtanga when I find the time.


Caroline Kingston BVSc MRCVS

Veterinary Surgeon

Caroline graduated from the University of Bristol in the year 2000. Having spent a number of years in practice she took a step back from veterinary medicine to look after her family. She initially joined us as a client but after getting to know each other we knew she would be a great fit and invited her to join the team. She hasn't missed a step, having already gained a loyal following of clients and their furry companions, she consults on Monday, Thursday and Friday mornings and also Monday afternoons.

Meet The Team: Meet the Team

Our Nursing Team

Meet The Team: Text

Emily Slater RVN

Head Nurse

I started working in a Veterinary Practice in 2014 and qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 2017. Growing up on a farm I always felt I wanted a career working with and caring for animals. Dog behaviour is a particular interest of mine from puppies to adult dogs. I think it is essential for vets and nurses to create a stress-free environment so that your pet feels really comfortable when visiting. I also enjoy anaesthesia, it is really important to have a protocol that is tailored to fit each individual patient’s needs enabling us to ensure their safety at all times. I hope to further my knowledge by completing an Advanced Diploma in Veterinary Nursing. Outside of work I spend most of my time with my partner George and our dog Pip – she is our world! When we’re not out walking with Pip, I like to spend my time at the stables and riding horses. I also enjoy sewing and drawing when I can fit it in!

Ella Grove RVN

Registered Veterinary Nurse

Ella graduated from the University of Bristol with a BSc in Vetarinary Nursing and Biomedical Sciences. Since joining us in 2022 she has gone from strength to strength and has become and integral part of the team. She is actively involved in training our student nurses, taking nursing consults and performing anaesthesia. In the operating theatre she generally knows what our surgeons need before they need it and compete's with Andy to see who can take the most perfect x-ray.


Alice Leigh

Trainee Nurse

After leaving school in 2018 my ambition was to become a Registered Veterinary Nurse. I immediately started working as a Veterinary Care Assistant and gained a huge amount of experience working in practice. I am now in my second year at college working towards a Diploma in Veterinary Nursing. My main interest is inpatient care; rest assured your pets will receive lots of TLC from me when they are staying in the kennels. When I am not busy studying for my exams, I enjoy riding my horse, Flash (although he can be a handful at times!) and spending time with my miniature daschund, Hattie.

Lottie Wood

Trainee Nurse

Lottie initially joined us as a kennel assistant but is now enrolled on the veterinary nurse training course and is doing great (more than great really, she seems to get a distinction every time she sits an exam). Lottie is incredibly organised and is the queen of the spreadsheet, and has the responsibility of keeping all our pet export appointments and documentation organised. She holds herself to an extremely high standard and often has to be forced to go home on time or go get lunch. Her cocker spaniel Rupert is a hell of a guy and has proven to have one of the most complicated clinical histories known to Vet-Kind. Luckily he is in great hands with Lottie.


Leah Morris

Kennel Assistant

Leah is a caring and bubbly individual and a pleasure to be around. Leah keeps things moving around the clinic; cleaning and packaging surgical kits, holding animals for blood samples, processing blood samples, answering the phones,  cleaning kennels... the list goes on. She has aspirations of becoming a veterinary nurse - something that we are sure she will achieve in the not too distant future!

Meet The Team: Meet the Team
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