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Caring Compassionate Clinical Expertise


Preventative Healthcare

Getting in front of a disease process

We like to see our healthy patients a minimum of once a year. At this visit we will usually perform vaccinations (or in some cases antibody testing to check immunity levels). We will sometimes recommend screening blood tests in elderly or at risk patients. We will also discuss parasite prevention which is far more important than some might believe. We have seen a surge in lungworm cases over the last decade and unlike other "worms" lungworm has the potential to kill rather than just be a nuisance. Some of the other more innocuous parasites such as the common roundworm and ticks have been linked to diseases in people as well as pets and it is important that a thorough and effective anti parasite protocol is in place for all our pets.

Arthritis Clinics

Being Proactive rather than Reactive

As a community, it seems the vet world has got into a bit of a rut when it comes to treating one of the most common chronic conditions in our pets - Arthritis. We take a very proactive approach to treating arthritis using not only medications but also utilising (based on individual assessment) joint injections of both "Biologics" such as Stem cell treatments and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments and also "Non Biologics" such as Steroid injections and Polyacrylamide injections. We do this in line with current advice given by the Veterinary Osteoarthritis Alliance. Referrals for physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and acupuncture also form an extremely important part of managing the arthritic patient. It takes a degree of commitment from our clients to take this hands on, labour intensive approach to the arthritic pet but the advantages to the patient can be staggering.


Keyhole and Advanced Surgical Procedures

Lap spays and other technically demanding procedures

Andy has been studying towards Advanced Practitioner status in Small Animal Surgery and now performs a number of advanced surgical techniques in house; providing a cost effective solution to clients that would rather not travel to a specialist centre. Our own dog Hattie was the 10th "Lap Spay" he ever performed. She is now 8 years old and since then Andy has gained extensive experience in the field of minimally invasive surgery which is of a direct benefit to our patients as it allows them to heal up and get back to their lives far more quickly than using traditional surgical techniques. In general pets return to off lead exercise within 3 days of a laparoscopic spay.

Imaging and Ultrasound

Equipment and expertise

Success in getting to a definitive diagnosis often comes down to two things - access to fancy kit is great but far more important is knowing how to use it. We have invested in state of the art xray, ultrasound and endoscopy equipment and have years of experience and further studying to ensure we are able to use it. In the event that we are still unsure, we have teamed up with Virtual Veterinary Specialists so we can live stream our workups, directly from our equipment in high definition to get a specialist opinion without the need to send you to a referral centre.


Diet and Nutrition

We support dry, wet and fresh

What to feed your pets has become quite a contentious issue amongst the pet owning world. People are passionately and sometimes vehemently at odds with each other over it. What we think is important is that in the end, we realise we are all on the same side - the side of our pets. We have clients who feed kibble, wet food, raw food and fresh food. We are here to inform, educate and support you.

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